From a wreck to a showpiece!

Great little Charger shining like new!

A Scion like no other turning heads wherever it goes.

Pretty blue Mustang that looks better than new!

An old truck brought back to life with a unique style!

If you drive it or ride it, we can make it look better.


Save your older car. So many classic cars have gone to the junk yard and years later, their owners regret having let them go. Don't let this happen to your older car; we can make it like new (or better) again!


We in Texas love our trucks. From the old antique pickups to the modern haulers we pull our animals and toys about with. We can make yours like new or, should you wish customize yours to fit your personal style.

Golf Carts

Our experts can make your golf cart unique from wheels to paint to special upholstery. If you can dream it up, we can make it happen. Oh, and somtimes we help with the dreaming things up if you wish.

Jet Skis

We can trick out your toy so that it is like no other; and we love doing it.


Motorcycles are almost a religion for many of us. Bring yours by for a vist and we will see if we can make it like new or make it fit your style perfectly.

Recreational Vehicles

No matter what kind of RV you have, we can fix it and spruce it up if you wish.

Respect is Earned, Honesty is Appreciated, Trust is gained and Loyalty Returned!

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